Chase Erwin was told he’d always be skinny– “that’s just the way it is”— but he wouldn’t accept that as the truth.


Jon Dao was never one of the “tough guys”  but in Japan, he built his strength and self-esteem.

Their fitness paths might be different, but the journey’s brought them to a crossroads: you’re in charge of taking care of yourself.

The commitment to a strong and healthy life continues to this day. AOA Fitness has three core principles:

  1. The past doesn’t define you– no matter how skinny or big you were before.
  2. People don’t define you– no matter how near and dear they may be.
  3. Limiting beliefs don’t define you– “thinking you can’t” isn’t always the truth.

You can build a better you, each and every day. It’s that simple.

The Architects of Aesthetics are here to help build a better you!