Dieting: The “Best” Diet

When it comes to dieting, everybody’s got an opinion. You’ll hear lots of “eat this, don’t eat that”.

What I want is for people need to recognize they… don’t need stress out. Don’t go locked in, so focused on the one way some person does it [thinking] that’s the only way it can be done.  “Oh man, that’s so hard, there’s no way I could do things the way he did it.”

That’s garbage.  If you can’t do it that way, you’ll start thinking you can’t handle “what it takes”.  And what does that mean?

You got to find what works for you– what works best and stick to it. If you’re getting results, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been proven by science. It doesn’t matter if people at your gym are telling you “You’ll never get shredded like that.”

Don’t worry about everyone else. If you’re getting results and they’re consistent, if you’re not hitting a plateau or falling off [ED’s Note: also, if you’re not harming yourself or building chemical dependencies] stay with it, man.

I see too many people jumping ship just because everyone keeps talking about something different, despite the fact they were making progress. It might not have had the same appeal of what they expect from TV-advertised programs, but they were still achieving progress.

The key focus is as long as you’re seeing progress.

And if you’re not seeing any changes, how do you know you should switch things up?

It takes two weeks to build a habit, but a full month in should provide a justifiable time-frame to re-evaluate things. Just don’t get aggressive with your adjustments. I’ve seen people make big, gawdy switch ups out of the blue. You’ll never find a sweet spot like that.

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