Stress Relief

“Feeling stressed? Hit the gym!”


Have you heard that one before? More importantly, has it worked for you?


I have to admit when I was starting out, I struggled with that. When you’re building yourself up from the beginning, it’s easy to dwell on your weak points. And in a gym environment, you’re surrounded by all these people who very clearly don’t share the same weaknesses.


It gets intimidating.


If you dwell on it, you get frustrated. Here’s a better perspective:


In life, you have so many things you can’t control. It’s out of your hands. But with a workout? That’s all you! Every set, every rep, every success, and even every misstep– you get to own all of that.


You should own all of that because you’re in control. If the idea of stress relief doesn’t work for you, remember you’re regaining control.

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