Squats to Suplex?!

I’ll be honest: I hate leg day. Now, I don’t skip leg day, but I definitely don’t enjoy it. I don’t look forward to it. None of that.

I’d rather run than do squats.

That’s not true. I’d still do the squats. And when it comes to squats, my choices are either the basic barbell squat or the once in a blue moon front squat. Seriously, nothing to get too excited about.

But then, Chase hits me with this:

And I have to admit… I wanted to go out and do some squats. If only for the fact I might be able to pull off a killer German suplex.

Sidenote Soapbox: Sometimes you’ve got to find the right goal that resonates with you. Don’t get caught up in what sounds good or what “should” be right (i.e. losing weight, eating healthy). Find that little detail that gets you excited (i.e. crushing an apple with your bare hands in order to have the power to intimidate your daughter’s boyfriend)

After trying out the move today, I can definitely feel different muscles being worked on in my back. The only thing I’d want to have checked is how low/high my elbows should be as I’m holding the barbell. In the instagram video, the view’s kind of blocked.

I’ll be sure to keep the rest of y’all posted on my progress with the Zercher Squat. And if you hate leg day, love leg day, or have any experiences with the Zercher– let us know in the comments!

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