Fitness Friday Feature (ICYMI): Say it Ain’t Snow!


Yeah, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a Friday the 13th. And yeah, I know a good bunch of you are busy figuring out what to do for a lovey-dovey Saturday. I know what my friends down South are doing. Anybody else following suit?

Out here in Boston, we’re getting ready for the 4th snowstorm to hit in like two weeks. Not being able to drive to laundry, I’ve had to order underwear off of Amazon!

Walking to work has been killer too. For anybody with a long commute or stuck standing for most of their work shift, I definitely recommend the foam roller.

Anyway, here’s some features you might’ve missed this week.

Fit Quips:

He got the funny. The Glute Guy, the Derrière Dude, the Booty Boy himself, Bret Contreras, takes a break from his usual hard hitting science talk and does a skit. For real though, I would love to see what Bret’s like on an “off” day.


Sabbaticals. The coaching gentleman in Japan, Andy Morgan, announces he’s taking a break from coaching. “…I am happy with the decision as it’s going to free up time to make the site better,” says Morgan. Hm… announcing a leave of absence right when a certain movie opens this weekend. Coincidence? I think not!

 Outside the Gym:

Hates gonna hate. That’s what she said. Sohee Lee reminds us not to pay no attention to the trolls. Your creativity has the power to reach and help people, and that show always outweigh the negative. This message really hits home with us as we’re working on building our own site and material up.

I would like to add, however, trolls aren’t always some punk “living in their parent’s basement”. I’m sure your parent’s basements are pretty cool. Sometimes when the people close to you nay-say, it can catch you off guard and hit even harder. Don’t lose sight.

Mainstream Mentions:

“Sweat is fat crying.” Yeah, we talked about debunking that myth awhile back, but I think it’s pretty cool that perception is starting to extend outside the fitness community. That’s right! Cosmopolitan Magazine has an article dishing the dirt on how that’s all bogus, despite the rise of hot yoga, hot spinning, and hot tamales.

The Entertainments:

Feeling Under(taker) the Weather. Last year, Vince McMahon pissed off millions of wrestling fans by having the Undertaker break his 20 match Wrestlemania streak. At the time he argued it was about timing (i.e. being unsure how much longer Undertaker could wrestle). Shortly after the match, he wasn’t looking too good. Recent reports are keeping in line.


Guess Who’s Back? By now, most of you know Spider-man’s going to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Andrew Garfield is getting the boot. My question is, what kind of look are they going to shoot for with the re-cast? Tobey Maguire followed a bodybuilder plan, and said he got a little too bulky for the part. So when they switched it up for Amazing Spider-man, Garfield was doing more pilates and plyometrics. Maybe they should just skip Spidey and cast Phil Heath as Venom.

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