Bless the Rows!

♪ “Take me to church! I’ll worship like a log while I shine up your mind. I’ll roll in my Benz while I shine up your mind!” ♫

I might not be that good at remembering lyrics, but I do know you’ve got to have a good back routine if you want to get religious with your workouts. Two moves you want to confess to are pull-ups and rows. Sure enough, Chase has a special row to demonstrate:


The first thought that comes to mind: don’t hit yourself in the crotch.

The second thought that comes to mind: not a bad little set-up there if you happen to have one of those fancy handles. Even having to use a standard barbell would strengthen your grip. And hey, if grip is your main concern, why not slap on some Fat Grips too?

More weight can be good, just make sure you’re not sacrificing lat engagement. Doing 85lbs on a one-arm barbell row sloppily will never beat out a closely tucked and pumped 45lb one-arm dumbbell row. (Just like kipping pull-ups not giving you the strength gains you’d get with strict pull-ups.)

How do you like your rows? What are some of your other fave back moves?

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