Podcast with Andy Morgan from RippedBody.jp

I had the pleasure of podcasting with my good friend Andy Morgan this week for his site rippedbody.jp

When you have some time give it a listen over on his site, located here >>> HERE <<<



We had a good time (per usual) talking about my past, how I work with clients and a few other interesting topics.

One of which is the routine I have been using, which I’m calling “Chasing Volume” (thanks Carson), for the past 10 weeks.

I wanted to give anyone listening and/or reading a quick look at how I go about setting my weights for my double volume weeks.

So here is a quick look at my strength week and then how we take those number to get our double volume week. I will have a more flushed out post on the site soon, but wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anyone hanging who needed some direction now.


On the Strength Week,  I would use a pyramiding rep scheme while moving my weight up. This is what I started off with. This rep and set scheme is just to illustrate and model. I don’t expect you to use the same weight– you’ll definitely want to adjust.

Bench Press:

(Two sets of 6, two sets of 4, two sets of 2)

  • 6 x 135
  • 6 x 185
  • 4 x 205
  • 4 x 225
  • 2 x 235
  • 2 x 245


(Two sets of 6, two sets of 4, two sets of 2)

  • 6 x 185
  • 6 x 205
  • 4 x 245
  • 4 x 265
  • 2 x 275
  • 2 x 285



(One set of 5, four sets of 3)

  • 5 x 225
  • 3 x 315
  • 3 x 335
  • 3 x 345
  • 3 x 365

Over head Press:

(Five sets of 5; this is the only one where I didn’t implement a pyramid format at first)

  • 5 x 95
  • 5 x 115
  • 5 x 135
  • 5 x 145
  • 5 x 155


Then, the following week (the Double Volume week) takes the total volume of weight, multiplies by two, and divides out for the reps and sets to get my weight for the day.


For example last week if you bench pressed 4 sets of 5 reps @ 100 lbs that would equal 2000 total pounds of volume.

1.So during your volume x2 week you would need to double that 2000 and aim to lift 4000 pounds total during all work sets of bench.

2.Divide 4000 by 6 to get how much weight you need to lift per set, in this case that would be 667lbs per set.

3. Then divide that number by the number of reps to be performed each set. So we would take 667 divide by 8 to get 83lbs. So load up the bar with 83 (or nearest weight) and complete your 6 sets of 8 reps.


So hopefully that makes some kind of sense, pretty simple and I really want to hone in this system so I would love to hear if any of you would like to take a stab at it, so that I can collect feed back, stats and thoughts as you go through.


Really hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to hearing from many of you.


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