4 Dark Truths that Break Your Fitness Habit

Getting into the groove of your new fitness lifestyle can be a real challenging task. For a lot of people, there’s nothing more difficult than that first two week period. After all, it takes at least two weeks of regular, consistent practice in order to build a habit. But for some folks, no matter how hard they try, that habit just won’t stick.

So who’s to blame here? Is it a personal lack of motivation or dedication? Do you just not have the right equipment or resources?

Au contraire, mon’ami.

I believe the reason why most people fail in the initial phase of working out is because they believe in fitness fluff. You know, the nice-sounding poofy air of stuff that everyone wants to believe because it seems like a good reason. Once you accept the reality behind your action, you’re going to be much better off in keeping consistency. For instance, you’re probably…


#4. Guilt-ing Yourself with New, Shiny Things

AoA Shopping

Hey, any big change requires the right set of tools, right? You don’t want to do this on a whim. You want to take the time to do your research, so you can get the really good stuff. You’ll get yourself some Ash Ketchum-style gloves. You’ll snag a new pair of Nike running shoes– not the ones on sale either! You’re in this for the long haul. Maybe you’ll add a fitbit to the mix. Oh, and a new tank top. Probably want to get a high end blender for all those smoothies you’re about to make…

What You’re Thinking: Oh, I know this is a lot of money I’m putting down, but hey, every new thing I get will serve as a reminder to the promise I made myself. I’ll hate myself if I let it all go to waste.

The Dark Truth You Should Accept: Spending money always feels better than saving money. It gives a more immediate effect anyhoo. Guilt tripping yourself will never be the way to go because ultimately you don’t want to feel bad. So you’ll either find a way to get over all the purchases you made by hiding them in the closet or you’ll actually develop an attitude where you’re always shit talking yourself. By all means, enjoy the shopping spree that you might indulge (while keeping in mind you don’t really need all this stuff, you just want it– and that’s okay). 


#3. Making a Pact with a Gym Buddy

AoA Gym Buddy

You don’t want to go at it alone, so you need someone to hold you accountable. You rope in a friend or relative who’s ready to take the journey along with you. You’re in this together! You’ll bring up your progress in conversations. You’ll like each others’ healthy food choices on Instagram. You’ll text them when you need some push going to get up off the couch.

What You’re Thinking: It takes two to tango! Two hands are better than one! If one of us is feeling low, the other one is there to cheer up and on!

The Dark Truth You Should Accept: This shit ain’t easy, and you need someone to struggle with you. You need someone else to suffer the same pain that you feel. If you’re mistakenly on a rapid weight loss diet that denies you any carbs whatsoever, you need someone in that pit of grumpy agony right there with you.


#2. Making “Fun” a Top Priority

AoA Fun

Okay, so we know “No Pain, No Gain” is some BS. The thought then becomes: how do I make this fun? Some even subscribe to the thought of “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right”. You got to find something that you enjoy.

What You’re Thinking: If I’m not enjoying myself, there’s no way I can keep this up for the long run. Therefore, I need to be enjoying myself the fullest, all day, every day #girlsjustwannahavefun #tonightweareyoung

The Dark Truth You Should Accept: Sometimes this stuff just isn’t fun.

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be killing yourself or going through the motions of something you loathe, detest, and abhor. You shouldn’t constantly be odds at something that’s making you miserable.

I do, however, think there’s too much weight placed on this notion of “fun”. Let’s think about life, yeah? How much about life is really, truly, undoubtedly fun?

Is putting on pants fun? Is brushing your teeth fun? Is paying the electric bill fun? No, but you recognize the importance in each. And when it comes to building a habit, you need to make sure the practice is regular first. Then, you can expend more energy on adding variety to it.

#1. Joining a Group/Class for Accountability


As if one friend wasn’t enough, now you have a whole squad. United we stand! Put it on the calendar. Plus, you can grab froyo after… 

What You’re Thinking: Again, strength in numbers. I don’t want to be the only one doing this. We’re all in this together.

The Dark Truth You Should Accept: You need to find someone who’s worse off than you. By upping the numbers and surrounding yourself with more people, you should always find someone who’s more clueless than you.

It’s not exactly that you’re wanting to crap all over someone else (albeit some of you do). It’s just a pride thing, you know? No one likes being at the bottom. Knowing that you’re already a step ahead might urge a lot of people to take another step. And another.

That is, if they’d just fess up to it.


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