3 Thoughts on Food That Wreck Your Diet

*Contains Spoilers to Seven (a movie from 1995)*
Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you probably know the quote. Many, in particular, are well aware of the scene. Huge props to Brad Pitt for pulling off such raw emotion. At the time, who knew he had the chops?
Before that, what was he known for? Interview with a Vampire? That cowboy role in Thelma & Louise?
See, the thing about Brad Pitt in that clip is he knows. He knows, but he’s frustrated. This fusion of pain is what I like to call knowstration. And today, I’d like to give you a healthy dose of that. In this blog post, I’ll be the “John Doe” to your “Detective Mills”… with a little less dramatics.
When it comes to health, there’s lots of room for knowstration. A lot of people aren’t even in the know– and I don’t blame them one bit. There’s a lot of noise out there. The noise often contradicts itself.
In an effort to clear up some of that mess, here’s today’s serving of knowstration: 3 Thoughts on Food That Wreck Your Diet.
healthy raspberries 

3. “I’ll just eat a bunch of fruit.”

It seems simple enough. Fried foods bad. Organic good. 
What You Should Know: Turns out there can be too much of a good thing. If you’re gorging on fruit daily (I’m talking about more than 5+ pieces), you’re getting an excess of nutrients, namely carbs. We’ve touched on this before, but it bears repeating: “healthy foods” can make you fat
Why It’s Frustrating: It’s easier to write something off as a clear “good” or “bad”. It keeps things simple. We don’t like exceptions! We don’t like having to un-learn rules that we’ve gotten the hang of. There is hope, however, because one can also make progress and lose weight when eating “unhealthy” food.

2. “Fine, I just won’t eat ANY carbs then!”

Sometimes also delivered as “Fine, I won’t eat ANY fat then!”. Also known as throwing a tantrum.
What You Should Know: Wait, what? C’mon, don’t be like that. Don’t go from what extreme to another. I’m trying to tell you there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. If you’re going this route, you’re going to be missing out on nutrients you need. Carbs give us energy (plus they’re fully of tasty taste)! Fats help your brain!
Why It’s Frustrating: Again, we want an easy list of what’s right and wrong. Whenever people overcome laziness, they want to adopt an “all or nothing” approach. Balance, my friend, balance.

1. “I was really good today. I only had a salad for lunch. I’ll reward myself with a [pizza] for dinner.”

Sometimes also delivered as “I was really bad today, I better not eat anything tomorrow.”
What You Should Know: Rewards are good. Indulgence is also fine. But if you ping-pong like this, especially when you’re not really aware of what’s going in your body, you’re not going to build consistency. You’re going to be undershooting or overcompensating. It’s not always a simple plus/minus situation.
Why It’s Frustrating: Treating food as a reward isn’t the way to go. This is also really dangerous because if you have one slip up (maybe you ate three pizzas), those type of people will really go off the rails (i.e. well, I screwed up my Friday, might as well eat 6 pizzas throughout the weekend and restart on Monday). The one day slip up won’t hurt you as bad as you think, but carrying it through the entire weekend will.

The Big Takeaway: Over-relying on a “healthy” food could be your downfall. Likewise, it’s very doable to incorporate “unhealthy” food to enjoy on a daily basis. Finally, the key to all of your dieting needs is a plan that’s balanced and consistent.