The Baseline (15 Minute Beginner Workout)

For a lot of people who try to turn their health around, they almost try too hard. They’re willing to bust their butt, but that momentum’s really tough to maintain. Many of them fall off. They have a period of shame. Then they try to catapult themselves back into it again.

That’s why you see people “yo-yo” in weight fluctuations. They try to go too extreme in their diet. The same thing happens to their workout programs.

If you love the grind of a Crossfit class or if you like throwing down the barbell, congratulations! You’ve already inducted yourself into fitness lifestyle.

But for everyone else who’s yet to try, or more importantly the ones who get intimidated, take heart! It’s not always blood, sweat, and tears. In fact, it can be really simple and quick. The key is to have a routine that you can use consistently, and that’s exactly what we have to show.

When Jon Dao, The Boston Architect, first started on my trek to lose 30 pounds, these were the moves he used to build discipline.

The Baseline (15 minute Beginner Workout) is not a magic solution. Doing these moves does not mean you will lose 30 pounds. Rather, keeping up with a movelist like this means that you’re ingraining the idea of working out. You’re teaching yourself that rain or shine, tired or not, this is something you could easily do several times a week.

Now is it fun? It’s been argued before, that’s not really the right qualifier to focus on at this point.

Is it doable? You betcha! Because if you can do this on the regular, that means you can always do more.

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