Slow and Steady Changes

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, a lot of people are worried about a drop-off in their fitness lifestyle. After all, we now have pumpkin flavored everything back in season! And with the dip in temperature, it feels just oh-so-good to stay inside, plopped on the couch.

In order to combat this, some people are trying to “workout harder”. But here’s just a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t workout too hard.

See, exercise can’t really outwork what you eat. And if that’s your plan of attack, you’ve prepped for failure. But you’ve been following us for awhile, and you know better!

You know the real secret to it all is to stay consistent. Build that consistency into discipline. Take to heart these changes not just for a season or a year, but for your life. It’s not about the quick results, but slow and steady changes.

And that way, you have room to indulge yourself a bit. The bottom line: don’t let the holiday season add more stressors to your life.

Chase Erwin, The Little Rock Architect, and Rog Law chime in on that very notion:

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