Body Fat % Fluctuations

The Architects of Aesthetics are back to follow-up a discussion Jon had with his client on body fat % fluctuations. Anytime you see an odd discrepancy on a scale reading, you have a list of things to take into account:

  1. stress
  2. diet
  3. hydration
  4. sleep
  5. timing

Stress is one of the primary reasons why The Little Rock Architect advises against daily weight checking. People become so fixed on an idealized number, and they bring that stress with them each time they step on the scale. Stress effects the hormones in our body and can cause the number you see to jump.

Diet, as always, has a major influence on how the body presents itself. While The Boston Architect’s client didn’t make any significant change in his eating habits, he was overseas for a month– and the different options of cuisine (and the makeup of typical seasonings and ingredients) can play a role in sliding the scale.

Hydration not so much for the day, but as a habit. How consistent with you are you in your hydration intake? Are you in the middle of getting back into the swing of things? Combine a mass consumption of water with a few meals that are sodium heavy, and you’ll definitely see a bloat.

Sleep is one of the focal points that tie everything together. I know there’s studies that talk about problems in oversleeping, but for most people, we’re not getting enough. This adds more stress and can also effect our appetite and cravings.

Timing is the final suggested theory from Chase. When you take your calculations, you need to be consistent. First thing in the morning after you use the restroom will show you at your “most dry”. It doesn’t make sense to try to calculate these things after heavy meals or right before bed.

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