Nutrition: Managing the Holidays

Here’s part two of the holiday eating talk with Mike Vacanti. Be sure to check part one about the major holiday eating pitfalls if you missed it!

The major take away that Mike points out is we make it harder than it should be. Holiday indulgence should definitely be a part of your lifestyle– it just shouldn’t be a 5 day eating binge.

When it comes to handling parties, most party food doesn’t fit anybody’s macros. The noms that you’re snacking on definitely ain’t high protein, low calorie. But whether your goals are fat loss or maintenance, the key to success is to prep earlier in the day. You can “undereat” earlier in the day (with some high fiber included) in order to enjoy the deliciousness that presents itself in the evening.

Another way to tackle it: on the day of, realize your overall calories are probably going to be a little high. But, it’s not really going to be detrimental if you avoid high fats.

One popular tactic touted by John Romaniello is to have a period of fasting the day after. We would caution, however, that if you’ve never done a fast before this probably isn’t the best time to try your first one.

Finally, just be conscious of your eating. It’s way too easy to be mindless as you’re stuffing down food. Don’t eat past comfort. Enjoy the food, but don’t eat until you’re miserable. Too often we have this “may as well” attitude (i.e. I’ve already eaten half the pie, may as well finish the whole thing).

There’s absolutely no reason to eat dessert for another two hours!

Jon recommends imagining you’re poor. All this food presented to you now needs to be saved over for the next week. This tactic can work if you believe in the power of imagination and roleplay.

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