Lifestyle: Just Getting Started? Just Get It Started!

Who’s fired up to get their fitness lifestyle in order for the New Year? Probably the two more important things are to 1) just get started and 2) track.

As Chase (The Little Rock Architect) points out, “Method doesn’t necessarily matter.” The process of introducing something new and regular when you haven’t done it before is definitely going to bring about some “newbie gains”– and you should absolutely enjoy it!

Those who are prepping for a “perfect start” fail to realize: you’re not going to be ready for the most effective and efficient model. And that’s because you have no clue what that means to you. You don’t know yet what works best for your body.

So instead, start by trying things that you can handle. Stick with things that you decently response to in its intensity. We all have programs we love. We have tough workouts that we can ride hard, but that varies on the person.

The big thing for the new year? Get off your butt and go do something. You’ll see results if you’re consistent.

For anybody who’s still apprehensive and wanting to ease into it, learn how to balance intensity in terms of your lifestyle. If you haven’t worked out in 5 years, picking up a high intensity program like P90X where you have to work out a hour a day for 6 days a week is going to be pretty tough to stick with long term.

It’s much easier to push hard for an hour and a half a week than it is for six hours a week when you’re not used to it. Find the workload that works for you. Maybe you can handle balls to the wall. If so, then go for it!

But if you hate working out to begin with and you’ve fallen off the bandwagon too many times? Don’t jump into something that’s six days a week.

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