Lifestyle: Don’t Get Derailed!

One thing that gets people off track is missing a single day. Things might be going well– there’s a lot of oomph and motivation in the early stages, but as soon as one mark isn’t met? All that extra effort goes out the window.

Don’t let that happen. You’re still on the right track. What is that one day in the grand scheme of your entire year– your entire life?

If you think about people who “succumb” to the Friday Happy Hour, it’s not that single Friday that gets them. It’s thinking their momentum is shot, and riding that depression through Saturday morning, afternoon, evening, then Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening. It’s when they don’t pick themselves up until Monday that any “damage” is done.

Being consistent isn’t about having no slip ups at all. Moreso, it’s managing yourself to make those derailments minuscule. This fitness thing is to amplify your life, so you can enjoy the things you want to enjoy for more years.


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