How to Be Consistent

This whole month we’ve been running with theme of being consistent. Plan out what you want to do. Track what you do. Keep at what you do.

Whether you want to workout three days in a row or prefer to alternate the days, you have to set your days. You don’t want to wake up one day and think, “Am I going to workout or not?” When you’re starting out, it’s going to be too easy to talk yourself out of it. You’ll always have a reason to put off that workout.

Map out how you can take advantage of your free time in the afternoon. A workout in just 25 minutes can do you good.

Consistency and plans. Consistently plan. If you’re not good at tackling a huge variety of food options, don’t worry about switching up your food too much at the beginning. Take time to analyze what you’re eating. Work on switching out 1 or 2 days of a set meal plan. This way you can start building a library of foods you’re able to substitute.

There’s things you can do that sound so stupidly simple. Put it in your calendar. Set an alarm. Do something to make it “official”.

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