The Problem with Putting Fun First

Chase: [Tracking calories] can be a hard thing for some people to do because it can be time consuming. I think you’ve even made mention of it before, like, it’s definitely not your favorite thing to do. I think it’s a necessary “evil”.

Jon: Any kind of numbers thing– let’s take finances– even if that’s a pain [there’s no excuse] you got to do it. I’m just not going to try to sell it to people like it’s fun.

Chase: And that’s the thing. Things that are worth doing or worth improving upon typically aren’t “fun”. Studying to learn a new language is not fun. It’s not fun to get frustrated and not be able to pick up stuff instantly. Picking up a new hobby and watching the best people in the world at it? It’s not fun to watch how good they are and how far behind you are.

Comparing yourself to other people is what really hurts us, especially when it comes to making it even more not fun. If we just focus on the process of improvement, and let that be our marker– it’s way more fun to enjoy an inch lost in the waist than looking at the end goal of “oh, I wanted 15 inches off my waist”.

It’s more fun to enjoy that moment than to look at the end and think of how far away you are. Enjoy the fact that you’re an inch down. A pound down. Five pounds up on a lift. For fitness you have to enjoy all those small things because that’s what makes it fun. It’s not the grind for dieting or showing up at the gym every day.

It’s not going to be fun every time you pop into the gym. It can be a good time, a good way to release stress, and when you hit PR’s it can be exciting. But every day? Someone’s lying to you if they’re saying they show up every single day and are having a blast.

If you do it long enough, it won’t be an every day want. You’ll have days you miss. And the big thing is, if you view it as a fun thing and you miss a day because you didn’t want to go? You might not ever go back.

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