Father’s Day Reflections

I’m coming up on my second year of fatherhood now. Being a Dad, I totally see how people can fall off of fitness. And, it’s not about being lazy either. It’s easy to focus on the “lack of time”, but it’s really more of how you decide to use your time. You want to spend time with your family. You want to be in your kids’ lives.

You’re also tired.

I have a little more empathy for all parents out there. For me, there’s one thing that’s upped my resolve to stick with fitness: I want to be an example to my kid. I want him to see that I do. I don’t just say.

Let’s be clear, I’m not perfect. I took a break from working out, you know. I can’t speak as someone who’s been hard nosed and stuck with it.

Instead, I want him to see I work hard. I want Asher to see that things aren’t a given.

I have this voice inside telling me, “Hey, this kid is looking at you as an example to follow.” So I can either be that example or set him up for failure– because he’s paying attention!

I also have my own expectations of who I want to be for him.

I’m still learning. You don’t think you’ll learn much other than just how to take care of a kid, but man… Every day I get reminders of the things I do now and how they’ll make a difference later down the road.

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