It’s Not What it Looks Like!

Another week, another fight cut update! Last time I explained my fighting spirit–the purpose and reasoning behind why I’m doing this 8 week weight loss journey. In this post, I want to share how week one went.

Let’s start with nutrition. I can’t stress it enough: you have to keep track of what you put into your body. My old football coach used to say, “If you train hard, you can eat whatever you want.”  But not really. I mean, the truth is more “yes” and no.

“Yes” because you can always eat what you want. No because you’re not going to get the physique you’re wanting just from training hard if the intake in your diet isn’t in place. And unfortunately, most people will take this approach. When they make the resolve to “get fit”, they’ll put all their effort eggs into the training basket with little concern in adjusting what they eat.

A hard gym session giving you the dream bod– that’s not what it looks like.

wish that’s how it worked– I really do. I tell every one of my clients this. Imagine how ripped we’d all be! It’s a point that I can empathize with because that’s how I started my weight loss journey way back when too. But trying to outwork or outrun a bad diet is the least efficient approach you can take.

So the first thing I did was cap my calories at 1850. The macros spread looks like this:

Fats 50g
Protein 150g
Carbs 200g

I have my carbs higher than my previous cuts, and moving forward, I won’t ever cut below 100g again. I’m getting more calories to fuel tougher workouts, but not getting carried away like many people do when they say they’re carbing up. I’m also not implementing intermittent fasting because I want some carbs in me going into the routines.

Working in these parameters has been pretty easy, mostly because I’ve gone as low as 40g of carbs before. The trickier part might be keeping the fats that low. The key is to not snack all your indulgences on the same day. So I manage right and still enjoy burgers, hot dogs, and cookies in the mix. I didn’t really miss out at all on the Fourth.

But these fatty foods bring me to the last point I want to make. In the time between April and last week, I haven’t watched too closely what I’ve eaten. I didn’t gorge like crazy, but I did gain weight. I was back up to 166 on the scale that Friday morning– or was I?

When I looked in the mirror after stepping off the scale, I saw a soft body staring at me. The trap could’ve been to feel sorry for myself and to feel frustrated. Believe me, I’ve replayed that episode enough in my past.

But it’s not what it looks like.

No, this isn’t a call to action about loving yourself and body positivity (but I hope you’re not wasting any energy hating yourself). You have to know that the body isn’t what it looks like.

You think fit people don’t get bloated? They do.

You think you’re going to be completely dry in the morning after taking a piss? Ya ain’t.

Dinner from the night before, with its fat and sodium, can poof you the next day. The effects are going to be more noticeable especially when it’s a late night meal. Remember not to look at things in a vacuum. There’s a lot of factors at play.

And now today, one week later, what’s my weight? 162.

Did I lose four pounds in one week? No, because I wasn’t really 166 at the start. It’s not what it looks like.


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