How to Flex the Bicep Correctly

After putting off Jon’s idea for so long, here it is fam: how to flex the bicep — and how to get the most out of the pose. Whether you’re trying to get better mirror selfies, or if you’re actually competing on stage, these are the steps that I take to get the most out of my arms.

Snapshot - 98

First, make sure the arm angle is good. Get the elbow in line with the shoulder. Not too high and not too low.

Snapshot - 99

Snapshot - 100Second, squeeze. And then, really squeeze. Show the full potential of the arm.

Snapshot - 102

Snapshot - 103

Snapshot - 101

Third, rotate the forearm so its flex is part of the bicep. I like to clench my thumb into my fist, so I have something to grab onto as I squeeze.

Snapshot - 104

Fourth, don’t neglect the surrounding muscles: chest, shoulders, traps, and lats. No matter your size or experience, you want to be able to show off the entire package!

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