Drink Up

I’ll admit, this seems like a weird one to cover this close to the end of my weight cut. But you know what? Sometimes it’s good to practice the basics. Sometimes things come full circle.

Even though I’ve harped on water intake before, it’s one of the areas I’ve been slacking off on lately. It also goes to show me how picky I am with how I drink water. I don’t like it ice cold. I like it room temperature. Refilling multiple bottles is a chore to me. I’d rather have a single gallon jug to tote around.

Two common complaints with increased water intake:

  1. it’s so boring
  2. you pee all the time

Yes and yes. I’ve tried to wean off using artificial water flavorers, but lemon in my water doesn’t sit well in my stomach. Peeing all the time isn’t too bad if you have a bathroom nearby, but if you’re on the road or on a commute? The fear of peeing your pants is real!

I think the key is to find points in the day to “load up”. What works well for me is immediately after waking up, Jon Fitch style. After that, it’s manageable to gulp down with meals.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to get distracted when you’re sipping throughout the day. It’s harder to reach your quota, and chugging everything right before going to bed is going to make you miserable. You’ll definitely feel the water bloat.

Speaking of water bloat, that’s a very real thing. Even when you’re not drinking a ton, your water is effected in shape and weight. That’s what we call water weight. And for fighter’s, that’s what they’re trying to lose before weigh-ins.

The weight loss involved in prizefighting is dehydration focused. It’s not practical in any way for everyone else. It’s not what I’m doing for my 8 week cut. For these final few weeks, I’ll be drinking a plenty.

Cheers to that.

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