Fogged Up

Being on a calorie deficit can take your mind through some pretty weird places. Some people speak of clarity and epiphanies. Most of us are familiar with being “hangry”. But for me, I dive pretty deep.

I feel like I’m that guy on Mr. Robot talking to himself. I start to question a lot of what I’m doing. I don’t feel like myself.

I wonder what’s really important– not just in life. Just, what does “important” even mean?

Some people take it like a challenge you got to overcome (i.e. Keep the eyes on the prize, son). Some people use it as an opportunity to self-defecate (i.e. I knew I couldn’t handle this).

I’ve been on both paths, and sure– sometimes you just got to press forward. Likewise, maybe you should give up.

Because the question that’s bound to come up again is “Why am I doing this?” and maybe the answer you originally prepared for it doesn’t click anymore. Maybe the “ideal” number on the scale doesn’t mean so much. Maybe you realize the figure you see in the mirror doesn’t change much of the rest of your life.

The sport, the game, the competition– is it worth it? You gonna work it? (You put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it?)

Some people take brain fog as a distraction from your goals, but I think it’s almost zen-like. It gives you a lot to mull over without an easy way to find the answers. Then again, the real key to it all isn’t finding the answer, but making it, eh?

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