Sick Days

I used to be girl crazy. Chasing women was pretty much the top narrative in my life. Back then, the only thing that would ground me and bring me back to reality was getting sick.

A wise man once said,

“If you have your health, then you have like 90% of what counts for life.”

And while some are sick in bed wishing they had someone to take care of them, I would’ve traded that soulmate in a heartbeat to get back on my feet again!

How you feel when you’re sick is one thing. How you manage things when you’re sick another, and this brings me to our fan question of the day (courtesy of Shakespeare): What do you do when you’re sick? Should you still workout?

On fitness social media, I see too many people tout the “no days off mentality”. I’m really not a fan.

Maybe you’ve heard of the “neck rule. Symptoms above the neck (aside from fever) like a cough and runny nose are “ok”, while below the neck symptoms of chest congestion and upset stomach are no bueno.

I think if you’re sick and you have the desire to exercise, you should ask yourself why. Because here, it’s not really a matter of ability and capability, but reasoning and rationale.What’s the logic driving this urge?

  • Are you afraid of losing your routine?
  • Would you feel guilty if you take time off?
  • Do you have a competition coming up?

For athletes, a lot of them have to perform while sick. Most of us aren’t training to fight in the Octagon though. Most of us aren’t about to be walking on stage for a show in a few days. So why behave as if we have the same extenuating circumstances and pressure?

I think when you’re sick, the priority should shift towards getting more rest. And let’s be honest to what I think that really means: getting more sleep.

So when you’re sick, my caloric restriction goes out the window. I want an influx of calories coming in and out (the right way)– as long as I can keep it down, of course. Stomach bugs are the worst!

And then, if I feel up to task, I can work out. If I’m not up to task, I won’t work out. But either way, I’m going to be sleeping a bunch more.

So Shakespeare,

If you’re sick and want to work out, do it if you’d like. Don’t feel like you have to. If you’re worried about a few days off completely derailing your plan, we might need to revisit what you have cooked up in the first place.

Got more questions? You’re in luck! The Architects are going to hold their first ever fitness workshop in Little Rock, and we’ve got a dedicated Q&A session for all your thoughts and concerns. Even if you can’t make it in person, you can submit your questions to be read! 

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