Managing Your Macros 2: Rice and Noodles

Episode two of the Managing Your Macros podcast, y’all:

Here’s a quick write-up for those who prefer to eat up info with their eyeballs instead of their earballs.

Plan, Don’t Pressure

Now that you’re at least aware of macros, it’s time to consider your strategy. How are you going to approach this?

Remember the mantra from last time?

File down the fats, curb the carbs, and push the protein!

Don’t try to do all of that at once. For most people starting out, that’s going to be too much pressure up front. It’ll be too easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, pick one of the pathways to stick to for a few weeks. That’s right, I said weeks. In addition to tracking your nutrition right, you need to be able to work in terms of a realistic progression track.

This stuff doesn’t happen overnight.

You’re building habits. Stick with the habit and the dividends will pay off.

Choose your adventure for the next couple of weeks:

  1. Filing down the fats
  2. Curbing the carbs
  3. Pushing up the protein

Macros & Money

Money talks, right? And I think if we compare macros to money, it might be even easier to understand.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” – 1 Timothy 6:10

All kinds, man!

But it’s not the money itself that’s the problem. It’s how you look at it, what feelings it stirs within you, and what you do with it.

In other words, the exact same situation with food. And when we break things down to the macros specifically, you need to carry the same sense of financial responsibility to your “budget”.

We all have bills. Sometimes we don’t want to pay them. Sometimes we can’t pay them. But we know it’s in our best interest to take care of them when we can. It’s better to plan your spending around them. For macros, think of proteins like your bills.

Whatever you have leftover in your paycheck after bills, you get to spend it how you like. Maybe you invest and save. That can be a smart choice. Maybe you make it rain at the strip club. I don’t think that can ever really be justified as a smart choice, but if you have the money to spare, who am I to tell you how to enjoy it?

For macros, that’s how you should approach your fats and carbs. You should enjoy. You should splurge every once in awhile, but well within your limits of what’s available.

Others… there’s consequences, ya know? By using this money metaphor, not only do we see what we need to prioritize, we can connect the sense of responsibility. With great power comes great… you know.

Freely Spending

Another reason why I like to use the money metaphor is the power of choice. When you need a new pair of jeans, it’s up to you if you want to put down the dough at Abercrombie (gross!) or for some Levi’s (gross again!). (I don’t wear jeans anymore, sweatpants rule!)

The point is, you get the jeans you want. Or if you don’t give an eff about jeans, don’t buy jeans. You can spend your money on something else.

Let’s look at this in terms of food again. I love popcorn. I’d take it over chips any day of the week. So in my macros containment of 200g of carbs a day, I’m well within my right to spend a portion of that on popcorn. It totally fits.

But there’s plenty of you out there who don’t have the same kind of affinity for popcorn. You’d prefer to consume carbs of a different variety. If it fits your macros, cool!

It’s very common to see people with the same macros parameters with very different kinds of food consumed. That’s what it’s all about.


This week’s macros samples are dedicated to Filmore Ha.

Macros Sample 1: Jasmine Rice


0g F, 35g C, 3g P per 3/4 cup


  • Tastes like nothing, so it goes well with everything I guess
  • No fats
  • Can be thrown at weddings and everyone thinks it’s okay


  • Not actually scientifically proven to make you smarter (ugh, THANKS Mom!)
  • A “filler” carb… no real micronutrient values

Summary & Strategy: The good here is that if you want to rock your Asian card (i.e. I MUST have rice every day), you totally can. Otherwise, it’s very easy to subbed out. Beans can be a great alternative. Slightly lower carb count due to its fiber. Plus, beans help you digest more easily (i.e. talkin’ bout poop, y’all). Also: did you know you can cook rice with chicken/beef broth to add flavor? I’m sure that’s a sin in Asian culture, but hey, we need some taste.

Macros Sample 2: Vietnamese Rice Noodles


0g F, 40g C, 1g P per cup


  • Practically the same macros as rice
  • Way more fun to eat than rice
  • Rhymes with doodles


  • When used with flavoring packs (i.e. in package powder or sauces) fats can skyrocket

Summary & Strategy: See the above info for rice because it’s basically the same. The only other thing to add is be aware of how you stack these carbs. Rice at breakfast, noodles for lunch, and rice again for dinner? Cool. Rice and noodles for each meal? It’s very likely you’ll go over your carbs because we damn well know you’re not just eating rice and noodles.

Hey, your’e getting the hang of this thing, eh? If you have a macros suggestion or question, send it our way to be featured on the podcast. E-mail: aoabbu [at]

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