Managing Your Macros: Pizza

After all that Intermittent Fasting talk, let’s go back to the basics: analysis on a single food item. This week, let’s tackle everybody’s fave: pizza.

Ninja turtles love it. New York City rats love it. So even if it’s not your most fave, there’s no denying it’s one of your faves. And with this whole macros thing, we want to find a way so that you can eat your faves!

Whether you’re a Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesar’s, or fancy pants artisan kind of guy, all pizzas have the same type of tendency. Most pizzas are going to be low protein, and higher in fat and carbs. The carbs are still controllable with the more slices you eat. The real kicker then is just to watch out for the fats.

The “easier” way to eat pizza is to have it for dinner. This way, you can clean up your breakfast and lunch to allocate the carbs and fats for later.

But if you’re just dying to have pizza for lunch because there’s that one really good place by your office… well, try to contain your slices to two. That probably also means having dessert for dinner is unlikely.

The power is yours!

Sample Macros: 11F, 38C, 10P per Large Slice (Papa John’s Pepperoni & Mushroom)

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