Why Does Fitness Mean So Much?

Okay, we should probably clarify that title. This isn’t a post trying to convince you why fitness should be important. Honestly, that approach rarely works for the long-term.

This is really just a heart to heart about why fitness means so much to us. We both just celebrated our 30th birthday. (Thirty years for the AoA’s existence is still a couple decades away.) And even though we love gaining strength, getting lean, and looking aesthetic– none of those features are really the top dog.

For Jon, he didn’t need to find habits in order to commit to fitness. Committing to fitness was the habit, and that sort of discipline helped his confidence.

When you feel good, train. When you feel bad, train. Training is the constant you can rely on, good days or bad.

Part of Chase’s origin might’ve been out there to prove people wrong, but that’s the catalyst and not the commitment.

The truth is… with our lives passing by so quick, fitness is the closest thing to keeping a “fountain of youth”. Being fit and healthy, that’s the nearest step towards actually being immortal.

There’s still so much that both of us want to accomplish in the short amount of time we have on this earth. And you best believe we’re going to milk that “short time” as long as possible.

Let’s strive to stay fit for many years to come, y’all!

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