Exercise Ain’t Cool

Everyone knows they should exercise, but let’s be honest: exercising just doesn’t look cool.

It just don’t, maaaaan.

The key difference here is a newbie will get intimidated and never do the moves that really work the bod. Meanwhile, the fitness enthusiast fully buys into it all and dubs them “badass”.

“Nailing the look” in terms of technique and targeting the right muscle group? Super important.

“Nailing the look” because you don’t want to look lame? Pointless.

It all looks lame, maaaan.

Take jumping jacks. On one end of the spectrum, you got little kids doing it. That tricks you into thinking they’re weak an ineffective. As S. Darbouze puts it,

“Part of my brain refuses to believe that something schoolgirls do for a game will somehow make me a more manly physique.”

Note: conditioning work and building (i.e. adding muscle to/on) a physique are two different things.

On the other end of the spectrum, you see the military do them. But hey, anything looks cool when you got a group of people and someone screaming at you.

So cool, bra. So cool.

If you get caught up in what looks “cool”, you’re probably prone to separating moves into “girly” and “manly”. And you know what? There’s plenty of “girly” moves that a whole lot of guys should be doing more of. Take it from the “Glute Guy” himself, Bret Contreras,

“Men should stop labeling glute isolation movements as ‘wimpy’ or ‘girly’ exercises. They’re no wimpier than any other targeted movement for any other part of the body. We don’t consider flies, curls, skull crushers, lateral raises, shrugs, or glute ham raises to be wimpy, nor should we consider hip thrusts, back extensions, cable kickbacks, and various hip abduction movements to be wimpy.”

Even the typical “cool” moves don’t really look cool when you break them down. Squats? That’s just being indecisive about pooping Asian-style. Bench? That’s just practice for pushing away a clingy ex.

Like, why are selfies cool? Why are showing off the muscles cool?

I’m sure there’s plenty of people in the fitness community who’d be up in arms reading this. “We are cool!” They just drank the kool-aid, man. Focusing on the cool factor is really no different than thinking fitness has to be fun.

Because at the end of the day, you can still exercise– even if it ain’t cool. And you’ll most definitely be better off for it. You might not realize that now, but hey, that’s cool.

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