3 Tips to Conquering Halloween Candy

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I just love candy. Some of you think I’m in denial, but that’s just how it is. And with November 1st nearly here, it’s going to be a great time to stock up on discounted post-holiday candy once again.

The rest of you are probably taking a more regulated approach (i.e. you’ve already got bags of candy in your homes for trick-or-treaters). With the sweets surrounding, how could you possibly avoid indulging?

Here are three tips to help you conquer Halloween candy:

1. Pick your Poison

With any holiday-themed candy, you’re bound to see an influx of gimmicks. Let’s face it: most of the time they suck. Box of Boogers? Caramel Apple Milky Ways? They’re only there to temp you away from the tried-and-true traditional favorites that you know and love.

So instead of indulging right, you’re essentially wasting calories to test the waters. You could definitely set aside a day to test new treats if you really want to. But if you know you just really want to gorge on some fun size Snickers, stick with that.

Me, I’m a fruit candy guy, so it makes no sense to touch chocolate when all I want is something fruity and chewy.

2. Remember to Chew

Many people (e.g. former students, Chase Erwin, my girlfriend) often tell me, “Jon, you don’t know how to enjoy your food!” But that’s only because I take a Fat Bastard approach to eating: I want the food to get in my belly.

Alas, when I’m eating Swedish Fish by the fistful, that bag isn’t going to last very long.

“Learning to savor the taste” hasn’t really been effective in curbing this habit. Remembering to chew, however, works… only because the priority is switched to a health and safety concern. I can’t eat more if I choke and die! Prolonged taste is just a bonus.

3. Decide Desserts

It might be hard to lose this distinction, but candy shouldn’t be treated differently from dessert. Er, the easier way to phrase that: you need to think of candy as dessert. Whether you’re managing your macros or just being conscious of the portions, you need to remember: calories from candy count.

That means, if you usually eat dessert with every dinner, now you’re going to have a surplus of calories. Maybe you’ll minimize candy consumption so you can still eat most of a piece of cake. Or maybe, you’ll make the trade-off and substitute a heaping of pie for some heaping handfuls of M&M’s.

It’s not that Halloween candy is evil. Most people just end up “double stacking” desserts.

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