Weighing Yourself on the Scale Can Be a Mistake

I done screwed up, y’all.

I planted the seeds of doubt and despair in a client, and I feel pretty crappy about it. But like Bruce Willis said in Sin City, “Hate yourself later”. With the damage done, let’s see what kind of takeaway we can glean from the situation.

I’d been working with one client for about a month and a half. He’s been doing great with consistency in the gym. And by what I’ve seen from his food journal, he’s been consistent with his meal choices too.

I asked him if he’d weighed himself recently.

“No, I actually hadn’t thought about it.”

Turns out he didn’t have a scale at home anyway. And when it comes to the typical obsession most people have fretting over the scale, this client was ideally nonchalant about it all.

But my curiosity got the better of me. To me, it looked like he’s slimmed down. After today’s session we could use the gym scale to appease my curiosity.

Unfortunately, the scale said otherwise: he’d gone up five pounds. And, as you can imagine, he was devastated.

I tried to assure him that there’s plenty of reasons that the numbers can fluctuate. Even with healthy food choices, sometimes the dinner from last night can “poof” you the next day. And in the grand scheme of things, reaching a certain number on the scale can actually leave you unfulfilled. Because you know in the grand scheme of things, this fitness stuff isn’t ever really “finite”.

And I mean, the more important thing was how we’ve progressed outside the scale. He feels better. He’s consistent. We’ve alleviated nagging pains and injuries from before. That should’ve been all we needed for some feel good feels.

But instead, I threw in the distraction of weighing yourself on the scale. And try as I did to downplay, and as much as he tried to listen, I just ended up sounding like one of those overly positive coddling parents.

I’m still thinking of how to make it up to him. (If you have any suggestions, please let me know.) I wish there was more trainers could do to take away the priority of the scale has on people’s minds. I guess maybe the first step is to make sure you’re not the one putting it out there as a priority.

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