Falling Out of Love with Fitness

“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

That’s a stupid thing to say with just about any personal relationship. But when it comes to fitness, it just might actually be kind of appropriate.

In other words, if you’re not in love with fitness, that ain’t a problem.

I’ve seen plenty of hardworking clients do the work, but then lament the fact they can’t seem to catch “the spark”. I mean, look at all them people on social media who just seem to “love” fitness. While some outsiders might look at the fitness dedicated as a cult, these clients are sitting and staring and wishing they could be just as entranced.

But just like my stance on making fitness fun, the passion isn’t a good way to measure results.

Again, I hope you don’t hate fitness. I hope there’s at least some aspect– no matter how small– that you can enjoy. I hope that when you’re in the gym, you don’t loathe being there.

However, the whole “if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” philosophy spouted by man… I’m definitely not on board. And that’s because I don’t always have fun with fitness either.

And that’s okay. That’s no impediment for me to keep up with it. If I agonized about my lack of passion, that’d be a bigger problem.

So think of it this way. Are you in a loving relationship? Did you ever experience butterflies in the stomach? … do you need to experience butterflies in the stomach every, single time you see your partner?

— Are you also the type of person who posts on your lover’s Facebook page talking about how much you miss them?

I’m tellin’ ya: you don’t need that kind of fitness love.

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