The Way You Weigh

The year is off and rolling. You’re starting to make changes to what to you eat and you’ve begun exercising.

First off, that is so awesome! You’re taking control of your health, and nothing is more important for your longevity.

Second, if you’re doing new things, it’s more than likely you have a goal, right?

With that goal in mind, how will you know you’re actually moving towards that goal as the year progresses?

Looking better and feeling better are really what we are after, but these two things take a while for us to notice.


How do you help make sure the things you are doing are working for you and not against you?

Let’s look to the business world for an example. They would track metrics over a quarter to see where they stand. If something wasn’t looking right, they’d adjust.

With your body, it should be no different. As you work to improve yourself, it would be in your best interest to track what’s happening to your body.

In steps the scale, or– you step on the scale… something like that.

The scale is a tool. Let me repeat, the scale is JUST. A. TOOL.

But, this tool has a lot of emotional ties for people. And if you are one of those people, it may not be the right tool for you at this time. Because, as I hope you know: that number on the scale doesn’t define you.

The number on the scale isn’t judging you as a person, how great of a human you are and what you do for those around you. The number on the scale is just a number that helps you guide your choices or helps bring attention to when your plan is no longer working.

If weighing yourself in any kind of regularity is giving you any feeling deeper level than that (in other words stress, panic, doom and gloom)– don’t use it at this time!

With that being said

If you use it which will help most people.

-Weigh everyday

-Weigh under the same conditions everytime( same time, unfed, and after using the bathroom)

-Keep up with everydays weigh in. On a written calendar by your scale, on your phone, or even an excel sheet.

-After seven days of weigh ins, take the average weight and you will use that as your current weight.

This method of weigh ins does a nice job of taking those fluctuations that you body will have and normalizes them.

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