Andrew McMurry- The Jacked YouTuber

Meet Andrew:

His goal was to be a jack Luigi, Goal Accomplished

In the late parts of 2017 this man, Andrew McMurry, hit me up on the great Book of Face. With the following message:

“Hey man! So, for the new year, I’m really wanting to get toned and stay consistent with it. I don’t have much experience at all with properly working out, so I was wondering if you would be my ‘coach’ of sorts.”

You see, I had known of Andrew for quite some time. We had gone to the same high school. I knew his family, and at one point had even trained one of his brothers.

However, the main reason I knew of Andrew was from his chosen career as Nukazooka. Andrew is a YouTuber, more specifically a filmmaker that uses YouTube as a platform to release his art. This guy is a true master of his craft and has honed it ever since his teenage years. His original videos were just him “messing around” in his yard with homemade effects, but little did he know he would be creating videos like this one day.

Mr. Andrew wasn’t the biggest guy in the world. He had always been rather lean, but no visible muscle– other than his AMAZING calves. And his strength was lacking at the time, since he has never really lifted weights.

Here is Andrew and his lovely girlfriend, Raven.

Andrew began lifting three days a week with me back in January 2018. We had a very simple program that we ran into the ground. Focused ever session around a primary lift to build up a base of strength. As he got stronger– and he did– we began to add exercises to further his physique goals. These goals were wider shoulders and a more defined chest.

He did a metric ton of Incline Press, Pull ups, Rows, Incline Flys, and Deadlifts.

He trained his butt off, and I believe really enjoyed the year we had together. On top of that, even his awesome girlfriend Raven started working out with him.

Here is all the fun stuff that people like to see with these year long body changes.

During the year Andrews body weight went from 188.3 to…

Drum roll please

  • 188.9…

Wait, what?!?

That’s right, a whole .6 lbs of difference. Do want to know what changed though? Composition.

Here were his last read out of his 2019 DEXA Scan (a bone density test that also detects body fat):

  • Gained 6 lbs of Muscle all while going from 14% body fat to 9% body fat.
  • He lost over three inches off his waist and put on over 4 inches around his shoulders.

All awesome, but I think the whole story would be better received straight from Andrews mouth.

Here is the story as he recalls:

“Near the end of 2017, I was standing in my bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I wanted so bad to like my body and what I saw, but all I saw were bad habits and a much needed lifestyle change. I had barely any muscle and, for the first time in a long time, had some mad love handles.

I was lost and didn’t know how to change. However, I remember there was this dude on Facebook I’d stumble upon randomly. From his pictures, I could tell he was into weight training. His name was Chase Erwin, and, as it turns out, he changed my life.

I went into my first workout nervous, but right off the bat, I knew I was in the right hands. Chase’s approach to weight lifting was in NO way intimidating. He was understanding of my little-to-no experiencing lifting and walked me through it step by step. We always worked up to weight I could handle, and he was always careful that there were no risk of injuries or extreme soreness.

Within a few months, I was already seeing results I could only dream of. And by being consistent with the workouts, I was able to achieve my ideal physique in just a year.

Even though I’m completely happy with my body now, I’m going to continue to see chase and build upon what I’ve already built. My outlook on working out has changed dramatically from when I first started. Now, I’m EXCITED to work out. I feel better in every way: mentally and physically.

I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in 2019!”

– Andrew M.

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