You Can Do Fitness

You can become a hero do fitness.

(I mean, I’m sure you can do some hero mode too– quirk or quirkless.)

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For now, let’s talk about what you can really do. Not just in a “can-do” attitude in the face of adversity of xtreme challenges, but real capability.

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To me, one of the best things fitness has to offer is a sense of regaining control. When things don’t go how you planned. When you’re in the middle of some suck. When you’re left feeling powerless.

You can do fitness.

When your classes suck. When you didn’t get that interview. When you get dumped by e-mail.

You can do fitness.

When you’re agonizing over all the things you can’t do, think about what you can dew.

“Hm, well I think there’s other things I’d rather do…”

And, duh 2012-era Chris Noel! Of course, there’s other things you’d rather do. We hope there’s a crap ton of things you’d rather dew. Thinking you got to be all about that fitness life is just another fallacy of the fitspo media trend.

Thinking it’s all going to be fun is just another trapping that’ll make you think you’re doing it wrong too. After all, most things that are worthwhile typically aren’t fun.

Fun and doable aren’t mutually exclusive, but it’s nice when they can mesh together. If you’ve been holding back because you’ve focused on having everything in order, give yourself some slack. You don’t need to be amped and full of voltage.

Doing fitness doesn’t mean having the perfect workout.

Doing fitness doesn’t mean having the perfect set.

Doing fitness doesn’t mean you got to be extreme– you don’t got to climb mountains or do any of that crazy stuff.

Doing fitness is making use of the limited time you got. Fitness is using that time to try and see what you can do.

Life has a lot you can’t control. Life has a lot you can’t do. But the one thing you can dew? Fitness!

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