Why You Should Learn Your Gym Layout

When it comes to gym stuff, it’s not just about what moves to do, but where to go. No, I’m not talking about how to pick your gym but after that. Once you’re out on the gym floor, you should learn the layout.

  • Where are the free weights? / Where are the dumbbells?
  • Where are the cardio machines?
  • Where can I find a bench?
  • Where does the staff hangout (in case I need a spot, yo)?
  • Where’s the bathroom just in case I get a nervous poo?

Don’t think that this is all on you to just figure it out. Ask the front desk associate.

We understand this isn’t exactly the fun stuff, but it helps a ton down the line– especially when it comes to planning your workout routine.

[Knowing your gym layout] will save you time, and energy and hassle– the things that might make you more reluctant to come to the gym.

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