What to Pack in a Gym Bag

Are you notorious for taking forever to pack? Have you ever had to pull an all-nighter just to get ready for a trip?

Getting ready for the gym shouldn’t be as intensive as prepping for an overseas vacation (I hope). That said, you will see some crossover:

  • People put off packing til the last minute… thus delaying the actual trip
  • People don’t even think about packing until it’s actually time to pack
  • People have a hard time assessing what’s practical and actually needed

So to help streamline the process and ensure your gym time isn’t further delayed, here are a few considerations on what to pack in a gym bag.

A Bottle of Water

Hydration is essential at all stages: before, during, and after your workouts. We often get clients who tell us they drink “a whole lot of water” only to find out it’s just one 500ml bottle in a single day (yikes). That’s like some dude saying “I talk to chicks all the dang time” only to find out it’s just his Mom– and that talk is just once a year.

If you’re noticing some mind fog or a sudden drop in stamina, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve suddenly dropped all your gains. Maybe you just need to chug some water, and it’ll be a good thing that you packed it in your gym bag.

Something to Document Your Routine

How can you know how far you come when you don’t know where you started? How can you sing “Where do we go now?” when you don’t know what you’ve tried so far?

Officially keeping track will ensure your long-term success. Whether you want to use an app on your phone or an old school composition notebook, be sure to pack it in your gym bag so you can note:

  • what exactly you’re doing
  • when you’re doing it
  • how does it feel when you’re doing it

Specific Shoes

Most likely, you don’t want to lift in the same shoes you’re wearing all the time. If you think you’re being “cost-effective” by using the same pair, you’ll only wear them down that much quicker. And then you’ll have to spend more money buy more shoes.

If you wear boots or heels at work, that’s not going to feel too comfy at the gym. Plus, you’ll need different kinds of support as you do your lifts.

Maybe you need to swap out certain kicks for sprints. Maybe you need your Converse for those deadlifts. Even if circumstances of the day don’t let you hit those exercises like you planned, at least you can’t see you were under-prepared because you packed those shoes in your gym bag.


You’re there to lift, right? You’re not there to make friends! And if you talk to yourself, you’ll sound like a crazy person. To prevent that temptation, having headphones packed in your gym bag will help you stay in the zone and make you look like a normal person.

Lifting Accessories

The more you lift and progress, you might find that you need a little extra gear. Maybe you’ll get yourself some cool finger-less Ash Ketchum gloves. Or maybe you’d prefer something more “practical” like wrist straps and a lifting belt.

In a nutshell, what are all the other things that can help support you during your workout routine?

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