What to Wear at the Gym

Thinking about the proper gym attire might not seem that big of a deal since you can kinda wear anything. And when you’re at the gym, you see people do just that.

We’ve seen khakis and jeans. We’ve seen capris and heels. We’ve seen board shorts and flip flops.

Assuming your gym isn’t too strict on enforcing its rules, we still think it’s worth your time to consider what to wear at the gym.


For many, going through the motions of exercise is already extremely uncomfortable. So, why wear something uncomfortable on top of that?

Luckily, sweatpants and hoodies are practically pajamas, so that’s neat. And some people enjoy the extra warmth that combo brings.

Others don’t want that hot feeling and would prefer something more freeing like tanks and shorts. Just make sure the extra exposure doesn’t get in the way when you do move…


You need to keep in mind what routine you’ll be doing. Shorts are typically fine, but if you’ve got short-shorts and you’re doing glute bridges or hip thrusts? We’re sure you don’t want to be worried about your shorts creeping up with each and every rep.

The bottom line is you want your outfit to be comfy and free of restrictions.

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