Managing Gym Intimidation

Part of any good routine is, well, making it an actual routine. It’s not just the result of one good session but many sessions over time. And time? Maybe you’re busy and find it a struggle to manage the time. Maybe you’re tired and can’t find the motivation to go. Those are usually the big obstacles people face.

The third heavy hitter is fear, and let me tell you¬†Gym Intimidation ain’t no joke.

If you’re afraid to go or keep going, know that you’re not alone. A lot of people get struck with this fear, both guys and girls alike. When you’re not quite the same shape of those around you, it’s easy to feel out of place.

But how could you match the physique when you’re starting out? There will definitely be people who have a leg up on you, as well as a bicep, tricep, and shoulder. You don’t have to shy away. You could even observe and take into consideration what physiques you’d like to model after.

You have to remember that you’re in the gym for a very selfish reason: you’re in the gym for yourself.

And likewise, that’s why everyone else is in there too. Meaning, most people will be focusing on themselves with little to no thought given towards you. Cool!

Now, if you still have that nagging feeling of being judged? Well, it’s hard to completely avoid. People¬†do suck. But hopefully that’s just an inner monologue they keep to themselves. If there’s ever any external manifestation of that? Report it to your gym staff immediately.

You’re there to build a better you, and harassment isn’t part of the routine.

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