Set Up Your Rack for Squats

Since you’ve gotten the basics of using a squat rack, let’s focus on how to set it up for squats specifically. After all, barbell squats will be one of the major lifts in your routine.

Having the right set up means having a safe set up. And, being safe means you can actually focus on doing the lift without worrying if you’re going to hurt yourself. Progression, baby!

Be sure to check the pins. When you have your barbell laying across the rack, try putting pressure down. If the J Cups are properly locked in place, the barbell won’t go anywhere.

Now when we want to adjust for our height, we want to aim for shoulder level. It’s as direct as walking up to the post and lining up the pin spot with the bottom of your shoulders.

Next, you want to make sure the safeties are in place. You’ll want a height that can “catch” you if you’re unable to press back up.

Finally, you’ll want to add some weight. When you’re putting on weight, it’s necessary to “lock” it in with a clip. (Most clips are annoying to use, so you’re not alone if it’s giving you trouble.)

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