Should You Do Crunches?

With any kind of fitness step– whether it’s dieting or working out– it’s important to take into account the context. If you’re wanting to to do crunches, that’s fine. However, if you think crunches are a “must” or the only pathway, that’s something worth analyzing in more detail.

You Enjoy Crunches

Then, great. Keep doing them. Maybe they help motivate you. The more crunches you count, the more you’re able to stick with other exercises. Maybe your gym frequency is better maintained. Some people even eat healthier. All of these reasons are perfectly fine.

You Think Crunches are the Magical Solution

This one, not so much. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s true: you can’t really target where to lose fat (i.e. spot reduce). You can, however, target muscle growth. Doing crunches properly will give you a strong core for sure. And having that muscle developed can assist in burning more calories (remember: more muscle on your body can burn more calories even when just sitting).

But the crunches alone won’t burn that belly fat. You need to make sure your nutrition is in order.

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