How Do I Stick With Fitness?

Do the little slip ups weigh on you more than they should? How can you keep on track in seeing the bigger picture?

James Clear‘s approach is to make a habit itty, itty bitty. You immerse yourself in doing the smallest and simplest of steps, and eventually you’ll form the habit.

The problem most people suffer from is in the goal setting phase. Yes, it’s important to have some sort of target or aim. The problem comes from leaving those goals too broad and big. There’s often not as much effort mapping out how to get there.

So if you set yourself up to stick with the process, the chance increase for you to stay on track to reach the goal. Otherwise, it’s just way too easy to fall out of love in pursuing your goal. Get focused on the process. Make that process deliberate, and you’ll actually be taking steps to reach your destination.

Aside from that, remember that an “inconsistent life” is just life. You don’t want to be too strict on “pass or fail” outcome. Life isn’t that black and white.


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