Celebrate Small Victories

People are not very good at recognizing their own merit and accomplishments. And if you’re jumping into something “hardcore”– without the ability to appreciate your past actions– it’s no wonder you hit a wall of frustration.

You owe it to yourself to celebrate those small victories.

“Winning” at this weight loss stuff involves a lot of self-motivation, but that’s such a finite source to tap into. And, it’s never going to stick if you’re always crapping on yourself.

You got to be kind to yourself. You got to keep a track record of your wins.

  • weigh yourself without a deep emotional attachment to it (after all, it’s just data!)
  • save some of your big dinner for the next day
  • hold off on eating that second candy bar

It seems small. It might seem insignificant, but people often zoom in too much to the “here and now” data point. If you repeated those actions over a period of time, they add up!

Where would you be if you kept up with 10 simple, seemingly “insignificant” actions?

Things done once don’t seem like that big of a deal, but we want to celebrate them. We want to acknowledge their worth because those actions are worth doing again and again.


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