Cutting Back Sweets

With all this talk about making small adjustments, we share some of the small changes we’ve been doing ourselves:

  • Chase is cutting back sweets.
  • Jon is cutting back second servings at the buffet.

I’m restricting my sweet intake. That’s straight up what I’m doing until the evening time after I’ve eaten all my protein calories for the day. And generally for me, that always come with pounds off. – Chase


Some people might think ‘well then, why would you go?’ but if I’m at a buffet, it’s less likely I go back for seconds. Back in the day, it’s like ‘I paid this money. I gotta make them pay!’ but now looking back it’s like ‘Why?’

Some people have that attitude with paying for movie tickets. If the movie sucks, they don’t want to stick around but feel obligated to because they paid. But actually, you paid. You get to do whatever you want with your time.

Kind of the same with food. Could I have indulged a little more? I could’ve. But I also know how disgusting you can feel when you’re overly bloated.

Remember that these little small steps add up.

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