Understanding the Numbers of Sets and Reps

The numbers of reps and sets themselves don't define the success of the workout itself. The numbers are just pathways to get you to the right type of muscle engagement. It's just some pathways typically lead to better chances of success than others, and that's why they're repeated so often.


You Can Do Fitness

To me, one of the best things fitness has to offer is a sense of regaining control. When things don't go how you planned. When you're in the middle of some suck. When you're left feeling powerless.  You can do fitness.

Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain

New year, new you, etc. You're trying. You're trying to do better, so that means you're trying to make an effort to read up on all this fitness stuff. But it's hard. For one thing, it seems like everything contradicts itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ua-WVg1SsA That's kind of the problem with research itself. Results can always be skewed … Continue reading Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain