Boston Coaching

Jon Dao – The Boston Architect


If you’re around the Boston area, Jon Dao is your go to Personal Trainer.

Jon has a background in teaching. His connection to fitness comes from a personal weight loss journey. Using his teaching background, his expertise is simplifying the communication of fitness (the bare bones of what you need to know and establishing self-confidence and discipline to build healthy habits. If you’re having trouble staying consistent or looking for the quickest bare bones routine, he’s your guy.

Jon is willing to travel and meet clients at their home facility. Those who do not have a dedicated workout facility can take advantage of Jon’s apartment facility.


You can reach Jon at (617) 870-3615 or Boston [at]


For anyone who’d like to know how Jon got started on his fitness journey, you can hear his story here:


BlackJackJonny Fat Loss from Jon Dao on Vimeo.

What if I’m not in Boston but want to work with Jon anyway? Head over to the Online Coaching page!



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