Inverted Row with Pushdown

Engage the back plus your triceps and delts in this nifty TRX inverted row variation.


Tomb Raider Workout Breakdown

"If Chase is going to be super helpful, I can't just do the exact same thing. If Chase is going to go high, I got to go low." I'm half-joking. When it comes to creating content, the struggle is real (i.e. it's real hard to think of something original that someone else hasn't done better). And … Continue reading Tomb Raider Workout Breakdown

Training Tip: Don’t Chase the Pain

For some folks, being committed to the gym means turning into a glutton for punishment. They take the old adage of "no pain, no gain" to heart. I'm sure you've heard the lingo: a brutal workout an exercise that kicks your ass time to get whipped into shape I'm not really into this kind of mindset. I see plenty of … Continue reading Training Tip: Don’t Chase the Pain