Inverted Row with Pushdown

Engage the back plus your triceps and delts in this nifty TRX inverted row variation.


Tomb Raider Workout Breakdown

"If Chase is going to be super helpful, I can't just do the exact same thing. If Chase is going to go high, I got to go low." I'm half-joking. When it comes to creating content, the struggle is real (i.e. it's real hard to think of something original that someone else hasn't done better). And … Continue reading Tomb Raider Workout Breakdown

#MyFaveNewWorkout: Svend Press

Guys, what does your chest day look like? You probably have some form of the barbell bench press. Maybe inclined even. Then what do you do? Pec Fly? Dumbbell floor press? Cable crossover? All great moves, but you've got to try the Svend Press. It's a great way to blast the pecs. Invented by Dr. Bruce "Svend" Banner after he had thunder … Continue reading #MyFaveNewWorkout: Svend Press

#MyFirstTen: Push-Ups

Forget the #JensonSixty!  Here's how to get started on your first ten push-ups. This workout tutorial done by Jon Dao - The Boston Architect. The four things you want to keep in mind are:  Arm Position Getting Used to Supporting Your Body Weight Lowering Yourself Gently Progressively Working on Reps and Depth

The Baseline (15 Minute Beginner Workout)

For a lot of people who try to turn their health around, they almost try too hard. They're willing to bust their butt, but that momentum's really tough to maintain. Many of them fall off. They have a period of shame. Then they try to catapult themselves back into it again. That's why you see … Continue reading The Baseline (15 Minute Beginner Workout)