Getting to that Light Bulb Moment

Even with the knowledge and principles in place, getting people to listen to fitness advice is hard. How can trainers better connect with their clients?


So You’re Counting Calories

Awesome! This might be the most important thing you've ever done... like really. If there is one thing that drives long term body change-- better than anything I've ever seen-- it's someone who counts and tracks their calories (accurately). So what now? I guess I would make sure you know what a calorie is first. … Continue reading So You’re Counting Calories

Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain

New year, new you, etc. You're trying. You're trying to do better, so that means you're trying to make an effort to read up on all this fitness stuff. But it's hard. For one thing, it seems like everything contradicts itself. That's kind of the problem with research itself. Results can always be skewed … Continue reading Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain

Frustrated? Change is Part of the Game

Feel like you're getting a grip on things, only to find out there's a¬†way, better approach to lift, eat, sleep, etc? Definitely, been there. For as much talk as we've done about being consistent, we do want to point out how being open to change is another fundamental part of the fitness journey. You're always … Continue reading Frustrated? Change is Part of the Game