Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

In this conversation, we tackle the problem of the popular fitness mantra "loving yourself". Chase Erwin: All right, brother! Time to bust up another myth. Jon Dao: Before we get into that, I got three words for you: OH GAH, CONGRATS! CE: The fam grows again! JD: And speaking of growth, I think this week's … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)


Constructive Conversation: Drop It

Chase Erwin: I think we might need to add something to that whole "consistency" talk from before. Jon Dao: Uh, the one we did a year ago? CE: That's right, brother man! No better time than New Year's, right? JD: I'm down, but what else would you want to add? Unless... you want to go … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Drop It

Little Rock Fitness Workshop

After two years away, the Boston Architect flies home to Little Rock to run the first ever AoA Fitness Workshop: When Fitness Don't Fit Your Life! What do you do when fitness JUST DOESN'T seem to fit your lifestyle? Work getting in the way? Family and kids? We get it. We want to help. The … Continue reading Little Rock Fitness Workshop

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Week One: Purpose Week Two: Self-Perception Week Three: Breathing Week Four: Cravings Week Five: "The Search" For this week's Fighting Spirit topic, let's cover something very basic but often neglected: sleep. Most of us could be use another hour of shuteye, right? But few actually take any steps towards doing anything about it. I'd argue this … Continue reading Sleep in Heavenly Peace

How to Pose: Lat Spread

After touching on it with the last posing tutorial, let's dedicate some more attention to our back. In this post, we'll cover the steps to maximize the potential of your lat spread. It's definitely a harder muscle group to target, and it won't matter for most folks. But if you're planning to compete in physique or bodybuilding, you'll … Continue reading How to Pose: Lat Spread