Fighting for Your Life: You Don’t Have to Know Everything

The biggest talk of combat sports this week is the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Yes, it's actually happening. Whether or not you're a huge boxing or MMA fan, this fight has enough mainstream appeal that anyone can join in on the fun. Likewise, there's a lesson to be applied to your own fitness journey. There's layers of depth, and the more … Continue reading Fighting for Your Life: You Don’t Have to Know Everything


Why Does Fitness Mean So Much?

Okay, we should probably clarify that title. This isn't a post trying to convince you why fitness should be important. Honestly, that approach rarely works for the long-term. This is really just a heart to heart about why fitness means so much to us. We both just celebrated our 30th birthday. (Thirty years for the AoA's … Continue reading Why Does Fitness Mean So Much?

Iron Fist Fails Are Fitness Fails Too

Maybe it's because of all the bad press that I kept my expectations low. But honestly, I didn't think Iron Fist was bad. Out of all the Marvel Netflix joints, Danny Rand might've had the least impact. Even for those who enjoyed it, I don't think they're going to be clamoring for a season two. On to the … Continue reading Iron Fist Fails Are Fitness Fails Too

Figuring Out Your Fitness: Full Body Workouts vs. Split Days

"I've got a question for AoA-- right now I do full body workouts because they're better for my schedule. My boyfriend and my trainer have both told me not to overdo it. My thought process is that I only have 2-3 days to workout. How much worse is it to do full body routines since … Continue reading Figuring Out Your Fitness: Full Body Workouts vs. Split Days

Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

In this conversation, we tackle the problem of the popular fitness mantra "loving yourself". Chase Erwin: All right, brother! Time to bust up another myth. Jon Dao: Before we get into that, I got three words for you: OH GAH, CONGRATS! CE: The fam grows again! JD: And speaking of growth, I think this week's … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

Constructive Conversation: Drop It

Chase Erwin: I think we might need to add something to that whole "consistency" talk from before. Jon Dao: Uh, the one we did a year ago? CE: That's right, brother man! No better time than New Year's, right? JD: I'm down, but what else would you want to add? Unless... you want to go … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Drop It

Little Rock Fitness Workshop

After two years away, the Boston Architect flies home to Little Rock to run the first ever AoA Fitness Workshop: When Fitness Don't Fit Your Life! What do you do when fitness JUST DOESN'T seem to fit your lifestyle? Work getting in the way? Family and kids? We get it. We want to help. The … Continue reading Little Rock Fitness Workshop