Fitness Tips

Decking the Halls

How Aaron Hall changed it all Meet 2017 Aaron Hall. Everyone say, "Hi Aaron!" Aaron and I had come to know each other some years ago when we both worked out of the same gym. I was a trainer, and Aaron worked as part of the gym staff. Aaron was pretty fit back then having … Continue reading Decking the Halls


Understanding the Numbers of Sets and Reps

The numbers of reps and sets themselves don't define the success of the workout itself. The numbers are just pathways to get you to the right type of muscle engagement. It's just some pathways typically lead to better chances of success than others, and that's why they're repeated so often.

Using Tape Measurements to Improve Fat Loss

I hope you're feeling great and have been making positive changes to your life daily. Last time we talked, we had a sit down overview with the way you weigh-- how great of a tool the scale "can" be in someone's fitness journey. But, there are a few other way that you can track your … Continue reading Using Tape Measurements to Improve Fat Loss

So You’re Counting Calories

Awesome! This might be the most important thing you've ever done... like really. If there is one thing that drives long term body change-- better than anything I've ever seen-- it's someone who counts and tracks their calories (accurately). So what now? I guess I would make sure you know what a calorie is first. … Continue reading So You’re Counting Calories