Fitness Tips

Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain

New year, new you, etc. You're trying. You're trying to do better, so that means you're trying to make an effort to read up on all this fitness stuff. But it's hard. For one thing, it seems like everything contradicts itself. That's kind of the problem with research itself. Results can always be skewed … Continue reading Learning Fitness Hurts My Brain


3 Tips to Conquering Halloween Candy

I don't have a sweet tooth. I just love candy. Some of you think I'm in denial, but that's just how it is. And with November 1st nearly here, it's going to be a great time to stock up on discounted post-holiday candy once again. The rest of you are probably taking a more regulated … Continue reading 3 Tips to Conquering Halloween Candy

UFC 216: Kevin Lee is Sick

UFC 216 is all done wrapped up. Sales are expected to be at an all time low, even though Mighty Mouse set a new title defense record with a pretty slick finish to boot. In the main event, El Cucuy took on The Motown Phenom. Two guys most people don't know because, hey, not Conor McGregor. After … Continue reading UFC 216: Kevin Lee is Sick

The Mini Cut- Workout One

Hey fit fam, it's time for another cut! "But Chase, didn't you just wrap up a show?" For show, for show. But before we get the winter bulk under way, both me and Jon wanted to piece together a less intense cutting protocol that everyone could try. Let's go! Workouts Here is the full plan … Continue reading The Mini Cut- Workout One

Exercise Ain’t Cool

Everyone knows they should exercise, but let's be honest: exercising just doesn't look cool. It just don't, maaaaan. The key difference here is a newbie will get intimidated and never do the moves that really work the bod. Meanwhile, the fitness enthusiast fully buys into it all and dubs them "badass". Nailing the look in … Continue reading Exercise Ain’t Cool

Frustrated? Change is Part of the Game

Feel like you're getting a grip on things, only to find out there's a way, better approach to lift, eat, sleep, etc? Definitely, been there. For as much talk as we've done about being consistent, we do want to point out how being open to change is another fundamental part of the fitness journey. You're always … Continue reading Frustrated? Change is Part of the Game

Fighting for Your Life: You Don’t Have to Know Everything

The biggest talk of combat sports this week is the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Yes, it's actually happening. Whether or not you're a huge boxing or MMA fan, this fight has enough mainstream appeal that anyone can join in on the fun. Likewise, there's a lesson to be applied to your own fitness journey. There's layers of depth, and the more … Continue reading Fighting for Your Life: You Don’t Have to Know Everything

Managing Your Macros 7: Timing, Frequency, Donuts

Whether you eat 3 times a day or 6 times a day, that's not going to help you get bigger/smaller if you're not aware of the overall calories and macros. For people who struggle eating, smaller portions more often can help putting down those calories. But it's the result of putting down more calories that make … Continue reading Managing Your Macros 7: Timing, Frequency, Donuts

Why Does Fitness Mean So Much?

Okay, we should probably clarify that title. This isn't a post trying to convince you why fitness should be important. Honestly, that approach rarely works for the long-term. This is really just a heart to heart about why fitness means so much to us. We both just celebrated our 30th birthday. (Thirty years for the AoA's … Continue reading Why Does Fitness Mean So Much?

Iron Fist Fails Are Fitness Fails Too

Maybe it's because of all the bad press that I kept my expectations low. But honestly, I didn't think Iron Fist was bad. Out of all the Marvel Netflix joints, Danny Rand might've had the least impact. Even for those who enjoyed it, I don't think they're going to be clamoring for a season two. On to the … Continue reading Iron Fist Fails Are Fitness Fails Too