The Mini Cut

When it comes to weight loss (or any kind of fitness program really), you need to dedicate the proper amount of time. We’re not just talking about hours in a day or hours in a week, but the regularity of those hours over weeks and months. Habits, people! We like to think that three month mark is a good initial timeframe.

That said, aiming for the “optimal” approach isn’t always accessible to everybody. Maybe it’s a tough work schedule that limits how much time and energy you feel you can invest. Maybe you can’t find time because you got all kinds of babies— all kinds!

Maybe it’s the fact it’s your first time trying this, and honestly, you feel real intimidated. If you’re scared, you’re not alone. We get it.

Keeping that mind, we thought it’d be nice to put together a stepping stone for ya in the right direction. Think of it like “an introduction to weight loss”. A mini cut, if you will.

Instead of of three months, you’re just looking at four weeks. Instead of worrying about macros, you’re just looking at a simple calorie calculation and cutoff.

Be sure to check back for updates. Here’s your first workout.